The Origin Lounge

Meet the Team

Moderator Ruth

Ruth has 4 children who have inherited her love of surfing and ensure she knows her Ollies from her Nollies (skateboarding) and keep her young!

Moderator Jen

Jen is a keen swimmer and loves nothing more than a plunge in a pool or lake in the summer!

Moderator Kathy

Kathy has a passion for the long walks in the countryside, so long as they finish in a nice pub where she can recover with a glass of wine!

Moderator Nikki

Nikki has a passion for food and loves to cook and try new recipes on her 4 housemates. She also enjoys creating and testing new cocktail recipes!

Moderator Rebecca

Rebecca has a love for spinning and keeping fit, which she balances out by enjoying more than her fair share of chocolate and the odd glass of wine!

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